Thanks to the "double hose" principle, where a supply hose is inside the diffuser "hose", the entire diffuser system will hold the same pressure. Thus, the diffuser hose will release as much gas throughout its length, and the number of bubbles and amount of gas flowing out will follow the same pattern. This is a unique and patented principle, to which all our diffuser hoses are made and which provide the possibility for only one connection even to the largest diffusers.

High efficiency
The high efficiency (up to 80%) is also due to the fact that bubbles are released from very small perforations (up to 4500 per meter) that spread tiny bubbles all over the place. Hose diffusers distinguish themselves from diffuser elements, which tend to work only in the immediate area.

UV tolerance
The outer "hose" is made of robust and UV-resistant rubber quality (EPDM or SBR), and the inner hose (EPDM) is designed to distribute and level the pressure across the entire  diffuser. The diffusers are coupled with POM quick couplings in 316 acid-proof steel and high quality rubber with extra long service life. The system is resistant to fouling thanks to the properties of EPDM rubber.

- Micro bubbles, 0.0-0.1 mm, almost like "fog"
- High specific efficiency in gas dissolution
- Flexible and modular system
- Large spreading capacity
- Little need for maintenance
- One connection point
- Very sturdy
- Easy to handle
- Quick assembly
- Easy to regulate
- Specific weight close to 1.0