Odeon hand held water quality meter

Handheld instruments and loggers can be used for logging, control measurements and single measurements. Odeon is available in two standard models. These can also be set up as a mobile logging unit.

Odeon has optical oxygen sensor. The advantage of optical oxygen sensor is accurate measurements without the need for agitation, in combination with low maintenance needs. A memory capacity of up to 100,000 data points makes it suitable for single measurements and for logging over longer periods.

Odeon models:

ODEON Classic: Oxygen(D.O)/temperature

ODEON X: Oxygen/salinity/temperature

Tecnica data data

Memory: 8 MB (Storage of up to 100,000 measurements)
Power supply: Rechargeable batteries or external 12 V.
Battery capacity: 145 - 190 hours depending on configuration
Communication: USB
Weight: 400 g
Dimensions: 196.5 x 121 x 46 mm
Protection: IP67
Operating Temperature, Humidity: -25 to + 50 ° C, 0-70%
Display: LCD 4 - 240 x 320 pixel display with adjustable backlight
Connection: 1 line: ODEON Classic and OPEN.
Cable: Standard 15 meters, other lengths on request

High quality handheld instrument for measuring water quality outdoor. Robust, waterproof design and digital smart sensors provide extremely high reliability and flexibility.

In waterproof case (IP67) with battery and external contacts for sensors as well as charging cable for external power supply 12V. Provides up to 1 month of autonomic operation and storage of data!