By invitation, the AirX aeration concept was presented at the Asian-Pacific Aquaculture conference that took place last week in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Results indicating promising aeration efficiency from tests performed at Oxyvision’s laboratory were presented along with preliminary results from trials with warm water fish culture in earthen ponds and sea cages. The presentation, which also provided proof of improved feed conversion rate (FCR) for gilthead sea bream – a rather robust species – kept in tanks where the dissolved oxygen were controlled ( >80 % saturation), was well received by the audience.

Up to date, little attention has been given towards the risk of oxygen deficit and the potential challenge this represents in warm water sea cage culture. However, there is clearly a need to control oxygen levels even in such farming systems. As a part of an ongoing project lead by Oxyvision, automatic monitoring of oxygen saturation in sea cages has been performed at a farm site in Greece. The fact that the oxygen saturation within the sea cage has been observed to occasionally drop to below 40% (even at low temperature) – as opposed to the 85-90 % of saturation in the water around the cage – also grabbed the audience’s attention.

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