About us

Oxygen is an important means of ensuring a good aquatic environment. Our vision is to create good systems to supply oxygen or air in the best possible way for the purpose.

Our interest in oxygen started in 2000. We saw oxygen as an important key factor in aquaculture and a need for good systems for supplying oxygen where it represents a limitation. Our goal was to develop systems specifically adapted to aquaculture, suitable for distributing and dissolving oxygen to water, often on a large scale. In 2003 OxyVision was awarded the Innovation Award at AquaNor in Trondheim. Our unique diffuser technology is currently patented.
Oxygen is very often a limiting factor when fish are collapsed or stressed. Oxygen is also important for the environment, fish health and growth. Supplements of oxygen will often have a number of positive effects, and reduce losses, reduce disease and ensured production. OxyVision is today a leading player in oxygen systems for marine aquaculture in temperate areas, and today the systems are used in 12 countries.

Marketing and sales of our aquaculture solutions are taken care of by our subsidiary BioMarine.

Oxygen is a further key factor in many areas that affect water. Our products are used today in both temperate and tropical aquaculture, in improving water environment in lakes and in oxygen depletion in wastewater treatment. The goal is to provide systems that can add sufficient oxygen with the lowest possible cost and energy consumption. Our ambition for the future is to provide the best solutions where oxygen is a limiting factor.

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Adress: Oxyvision AS, Idrettsveien 4, 6652 Surna, Norway