OxyVision diffusor technology
Due to its "double hose" design, where the distribution hose lies inside the diffusor hose, the entire diffusor system holds the same pressure. Therefore the hose will release an even curtain of fine bubbles of the same frequency (and size) along its total length. This is the unique patented distribution-and-diffusion in one principle, with only a single connection for supply. The high efficiency (40-80%) is also due to the large number of microscopic perforations (2400 pr meter) which spread tiny bubbles over the entire area. This is unlike diffusor stones which tend to oxygenate in zones. 

UV resistant
The outer tube is made of strong rubber(EPDM or SBR), and the inner tube is designed for distributing/levelling gas pressure throughout the entire length. The hose is equipped with POM snap connections, 316 acid resistant steel couplings and high quality rubber with extra long life time. The system is resistant to fouling due to properties of EPDM.

- Small bubbles 0.0 – 1.0 mm, similar to "mist"
- High specific oxygen transfer efficiency
- Flexible and module-based
- Large spread
- Low maintenance
- One connection point
- Very durable
- Easy to handle
- Immediate operation
- Simple regulation
- Specific weight close to water