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Temperate aquaculture

Land based
In land based aquaculture, limited water supply or pumping costs often calls for extra oxygen, which is also used for emergency situations.
In tanks GasX is used for both basic oxygenation and for emergency. For supplying the distribution of oxygen to larger systems BiOx is the most effective. Its ability to cover larger areas will contribute to both profit and safety. 
Open sea cages
NetOx is todays leading system for distributing oxygen to sea cages, for extra oxygen supply at high temperatures, for emergency dosage and during treatment for parasites. NetOx releases fine bubbles which ensure effective and immediate gas transfer. The efficiency of NetOx has been measured to 80 % in controlled conditions. NetOx is on demand made integrated with a spool drum that makes the job simple, quick and effective. See also NetOx Manifoil and NetOx Drum.
Semi enclosed cages
When using sea-lice shadings or other forms of semi skirts periodically there is a need for a reliable and effective network of oxygen diffusors. NetOx is a highly suitable diffusor system for this type of farming. Due to its even distribution principle even the largest cages in use can be oxygenated effectively all over. NetOx ensures immediate gas transfer. For this applicatiion also NetOx Manifoil and NetOx Drum is suited.

Parasite treatment
During parasite treatment the fish cage is completely closed for a period of time. I such conditions it is crucial to supply effectively to the fish all the oxygen it may need. For this purpose NetOx Drum makes the whole operation simple, quick and safe. The diffusor hoses are ready for operation and can be pulled out in just a few minutes. When the job is finished the NetOx Drum is wound up by the drum engine. If the treatment is more sporadic NetOx Manifoil may be a solution. Read about oxygen during treatment with H2O2.

Pre slaughter
Before slaughter fish may be kept for a while constricted in a holding pen close to the processing plant. Fish being constricted are often stressed, and if there is insufficient amount of oxygen available, the fish experience severe stress and oxygen deficiency may occur. This effect may lead to severe quality loss in the fish, as gaping, de-coloration and premature onset of rigor. To relief such problems NetOx has proven very effective, in combination with continous monitoring of the oxygen level and automatic dosage.

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