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AirX - a new diffusor hose for adding air to water

Air X is a highly efficient diffusor system for gas exchange to water at low pressure.

AirX is designed for small to large scale distribution of air to water. Due to its double hose design where the distribution hose lies inside the diffusor hose AirX is able to distribute an equal volume of air over large surface areas.

AirX is intended for large and extensive aeration of large water surfaces and volumes, like basins, pools, ponds and lakes. Due to its high efficiency at low backpressure AirX can be engaged by both blowers and compressors.

The high efficiency (40-60%) is due to fine perforations (2400 pr meter) release tiny bubbles over the entire area. This is unlike diffuser stones which tend to oxygenate in zones.

AirX is composed of light parts that can be designed in different geometrical shapes and networks. AirX is rapidly put together with snap connections, ensuring simple mounting, moving and cleaning.

AirX comes with high grade stainless steel connections and equipped and with desired weights of high grade stainless steel.

AirX is manufactured in standard sized but can easily be tailored to most lengths and formations.

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